Bluetooth, Wi-LAN Takes Action Against RIM

Wi-LAN group, specializing in intellectual property in wireless technologies, just start actions against Research in MotionĀ (RIM).

After filing a complaint against Apple, HTC and Sierra Wireless last week for violating patents on LTE, Wi-LAN group goes this time a new case before the Florida court against the Canadian manufacturer RIM for use Bluetooth.

The complainant believes that the PlayBook tablet and smartphones families Bold, Torch, Storm Perl and violent intellectual property. Wi-LAN says commercialize its patents with 260 companies around the world and would have generated in the third quarter of $ 21.3 million of revenue. Wi-LAN has invested $ 19 million to acquire more than one hundred patents related to 4G connections and bought forty patents Siemens AG for the management of telecommunications networks. The company claims to have a total of 3000 trademarks or technologies being validated with the USPTO.

RIM, which is preparing to launch BlackBerry 10 to the end of next month, is already facing other complaints. Indeed, at the end of last month, Nokia launched action against RIM for patent infringement on Wi-Fi technolog.

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