Blackberry Launching Brand New Android Slider Smartphone

With LG’s new Smartphone G4 and G-Flex coming into market which will not only bring some new features but also run on latest android OS 6.0 also known as “Marshmallow”. Blackberry market declined when Samsung captured the mobile market with its innovative designs. Blackberry company is about to launch its first Android Device which will be unique because there is no smartphone in a market that comes with an attached mini keyboard that can be slide back in when not in use. That is the reason this mobile will be called “Blackberry Android Slider”, some people say that its name can be “Venice Slider”. Blackberry launching brand new android slider smartphone is not just a rumor but in fact, it is going to be great revolution in market. BlackBerry will launch its more models that are based on android operating system but maybe they want to check out the response of customer regarding their first android phone.

Blackberry is launching a new android smartphone called Android sliderSpecifications of Blackberry Android Slider are not one of the best in the industry but they are still considerable when talking about a company’s first release.

This smartphone has the following Basic features which make it similar to note 4.

  • High Resolution 5.4-inch Quad HD Display.
  • Snapdragon 808 Processor.
  • 3GB RAM.
  • 5 MP front and 18MP Rear HDR Camera
  • Lightly Modified Version on Android Lollipop can be upgraded to Marshmallow.

It’s hard to know beforehand that will it be a successful Smartphone in market where there are numerous gadgets coming every day, each with some amazing and unique features. Google is releasing Google Glass which will change the way of technology once and for all. Meanwhile Samsung is working on new models which will be names Galaxy O, where ‘O’ stands for Oculus which is a partner of Samsung helping it to develop some high tech gadgets. Having sliding keyboard and large screen and speedy processor, this new BlackBerry slider will compete with many new ages Smartphones. People are huge fans of blackberry because of their innovative ideas and features they install on their models.

According to Evan Blass who has recently announced that we can expect BlackBerry Slider before November and this brand new tech will be one step ahead of an earlier device Dell Venue Pro, which also has a sliding keyboard. This new design might bring a new reform in manufacturing of classic style keyboards with android. You will have a mini Android Laptop and you can type more easily on buttons rather than touch screen. It has not been released yet but all the BlackBerry fans around the world are waiting for it.

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