Z10: BlackBerry Launched a Survey in U.S. and Canadian because of Unusually High Return Rate

In February this year, the BlackBerry launched its new smartphone BlackBerry Z10 and in same time kicking off BlackBerry 10 OS. Two months after its launch, the device was passed 1 million copies. Yet according to the firm Detwiler Fenton, operators observe an unusually high return rate of BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry faces stiff competition from iOS and Android and lagging behind. But for some time the BlackBerry company attempts to relativize the U.S. media about explaining its developers that the figures are sometimes wrong. Faced with Jeff Johnston, BlackBerry has decided to react by conducting a survey.

We believe that key partners have seen a return rate of Z10 very important and in some cases, it even exceeds the rate of sales.” Such were the words of the analyst Johnston cited by the Wall Street Journal. For BlackBerry this was too much. In an official statement the CEO Thorsten Heins said, “BlackBerry Z10 sales have reached their goal and the data we have collected from our resellers and partners operators show that consumers are satisfied with their device.

BlackBerry has launched an investigation with the SEC, the U.S. agency responsible for regulating and monitoring financial markets. Similar measures have been taken to the CSO, the Securities Commission of Ontario.

The company concludes: “Everyone can have their own opinion on the quality of the various competing products in the smartphone industry, but when providing false statements with intent to influence the market, there are limits that have been taken.

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