BlackBerry confirms that the Q10 is also compatible with Android Apps

The Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry is now encouraging Android developers specialists to turn to the smartphone Q10.

In February, at BlackBerry Jam summit which took place in Amsterdam, we saw for the first time the BlackBerry Q10. Expected this spring, this smartphone uses the chassis of the classic device but with a full physical keyboard and runs on BlackBerry 10. This means that it will be compatible with Android.

Via his blog dedicated to developers, the Canadian manufacturer explains that the community now has technical references to port their applications originally designed for Google’s mobile OS. They can also take their ports previously made for the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry provides a runtime that can automatically resize depending on the applications screen, the company says it is still better to specifically target each device. While the Z10 has a 4.2-inch screen for a definition of 1280×768, the Q10 features a 3.1-inch screen (720x720p resolution).

Interested developers can download an update for the runtime available in version 1.5.2 to compile a file type in APK to the BAR for the Q10.

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