WiFi Manager – Manage Your WiFi Networks from Android

Are you looking for easy way to find, connect, manage WiFi networks around you? Today we present you phenomenal app for Android devices which will make you to acomplish any task related to WiFi.

Do you live in a city where the number of WiFi networks exceeds the number of people living in the city? Although it has an advantage and enables you to potentially connect to internet from any part of the city, on the other hand, too many possible connections can also be a problem when seeking a specific network when you’re at home. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable tool that lets you manage all these connections that surround us. WiFi Manager is the tool to step up and help us.

WiFi Manager is awesome app for Android devices which helps you to easily manage WiFi connection around you. The list of networks can be presented in various ways:

  • Live networks: all the networks you have access
  • Known¬†Networks: all the networks that were previously used

In another menu, you can access to networks that are sorted:

  • by signal: offers all networks that have the strongest signal
  • by name: arranged in alphabetical order
  • Open First: I have honestly not understand what that regulated this option if you ever have an idea, please put a comment
Use WiFi Manager to show Live NetworksUse WiFi Manager to sort your WiFi Networks

When you click on a network, you can manage it. Once you are connected to one of them, you can:

  • Disconnect: you can disconnect from your active network
  • Original: delete the password to an affiliate network
  • Delete: there, all is said!

Additional information is available for those who wish, such as connection¬†security, the chain of networks which is affiliated to the relevant network, etc…

Manage your active WiFi Network with WiFi Manager

By clicking on Menu button on your Android smartphone you can access some additional functions such as:

  • List: Broadcasts a default list of networks
  • Radar: a graph of all the networks around you is formed in the shape of colored ellipses. It gives you a good overview of networks that are around you.
  • Add a network
  • Disable WiFi
  • Adjustments: Minor adjustments for the connection
View all available WiFi networks on your AndroidAdditional options for WiFi Manager

You can also add a WiFi Manager widget on your home screen that can make your WiFi Manager easier to use. Using this widget you can easily:

  • Quickly disable the WiFi connection
  • With transfer switch you can easily and quickly switch networks
Easily disable your active WiFi network using WiFi Manager WidgetEasily enable your closest WiFi network using WiFi Manager Widget

If all you need is to see which connection is available, you do not need this app! However, if you use multiple wireless networks throughout the day, this App can help you a lot to manage your networks. Whether at work or out, it could help you out of the confusion which instituted by too many connections. For those that wish to download this WiFi Manager app on their Android device needs to visit Google Play at this page.

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