Smart App “Delta”: Faster Updates for Android Apps

In last few days Google offers for Android users a new method of updating its OS applications. Called Smart App Delta and presented at the last I/O conference, it will download only updated files instead of download the entire app again. This process will increase update process incredibly.

Every Android user is familiar with this, when ever you need to update your app you need to redownload the entire app package and install it again. This is not the problem is app weights only 4-5MB but in cases of apps or games whos size counts few hundreds of MB this can be quite frustated. In next few days this situation will will be changed because Google Play will stop download the entire app, and simply download the updated part of the app. This is a big diferrece compared to previous update process and it will be accessible to users of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and newer version.

Until then, application of 5, 10 or even 100 MB – like Dead Trigger – is entirely downloaded each update, the new version overwriting the old. Now the update of such an application shall not exceed a few megabytes.

The change is not radical, and it will not be aplied on all applications availabel in Google Play store, however many ofthem already have it already enabled. For example this is already the case of Instagram, the latest update only downloads 3 MB on the smartphone, while the app size is 13MB.

about the author:

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