// MWC 2013: VoxOx pushes the limits of the universal messaging

In addition to new smartphones or tablets we had a opertunitty to see in last 2 days in Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress is also an opportunity to discover various telephony solutions and applications. Among these we find that VoxOx offer some excellent solutions and in this cover-up we will present you what you can expect from this app.

If you combine together WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, WebRTC and Google Voice you will get the universal messaging solution called VoxOx. Developed by the company Telcentris, VoxOx offers a multitude of features and is marketed as a white label with mobile operators. Last year, they had presented Joyn, which is the solution RCS (Rich Communication Services), with its platform, VoxOx promises to go even further.

VoxOx app for mobile devices

VoxOx is in the form of a mobile application for iOS and Android (BlackBerry and Symbian coming very soon) and can be used on number of different mobile devices. Like WhatsApp, the user is prompted to configure the name and phone number and the application will be able to find other users by sifting through the local address book.

VoxOx app user interface

In addition to instant messaging, voice over ip (VoIP), SMS / MMS or voice and video calls, VoxOx offers file transfer, messaging bundle or sharing of geographic location. For VoxOx, the goal is to go beyond the SCR specification by proposing several peripheral services. VoxOx will also be able to perform translations on the fly by using Google’s servers, in order to automatically transcribe voice message to receive email, send a fax directly from the mobile application or integrate several community features.

At the Mobile World Congress, Telcentris announced that VoxOx is open to mobile operators. The company explains that this solution provides greater flexibility with respect to applications such as WhatsApp or Viber that directly compete with services offered by operators. Only time will show if VoxOx will become popular among users and become competiton ot similar apps. More details about this app you can find at this page.

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