Most Useful Android Apps for System Administrators

If you are System or Web Administrator and you are constantly on the go and can’t access to your main computer you need a proper device which will keep you updated every second about your server conditions, files transfers, visitors, etc… If you have Android device half of your problem is fixed, only thing left is get proper apps running on your device and today we introduce you some of most quality and most popular Android System Administrator Apps.

System Administrator Apps for Android devices

Mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, have become tools we use in our daily work and with which we can even administer our systems, in fact, mobile devices offer the opportunity for remote intervention and without that we have to use the office computer or move him with us all the time (thus giving us more flexibility).

In the case of having a mobile device based on Android, in Google Play Store we can find a good number of mobile applications that can help us manage our servers, report errors, network analysis, or even monitoring tasks . A few weeks ago we published a preview of app for Android which can help you to easily manage your WiFi networks and today we are introducing your some of most popular and above all, most quality Android apps for System Administrators.

App #1: HP iLO Mobile Download

HP iLO Mobile is a free application developed by Hewlett-Packard, which allows us to control our Proliant servers (manufactured by HP) using the Integrated Lights-Out functionality, i.e. remote management. With this application we can apply changes to the BIOS of the server, launch scripts, access the web interface of iLO management server, mount the image of an operating system from a USB to installation and some tasks that will facilitate the management much no need to “keep warm” in the data center. The application supports VPN connections, therefore, we can establish a secure connection between our mobile device and our servers to work from anywhere. This app is available for free at Google Play and weights only 447kb.

App #2: Drupal Editor Download

Drupal app for Android devices

Drupal Editor is a quite useful though, being strict, is not intended to manage systems as it offers an editor for Drupal based websites. Not always all web pages are adapted to work with mobile devices, such as a publication or correct an existing one detail can become a heavy task. With the idea of making us work a little easier, this extension provides an editor with which we can connect to our website and manage content without having to work from our mobile device browser.

App #3: WordPress for Android Download

WordPress app for Android devices

WordPress for Android, same as Drupal Editor we mentioned above it offer you a possibility to manage your WordPress blog directly from your Android phone or tablet. Configurations is quite easy and once it’s configured correctly you can write and manage your posts, create and manage your pages, upload quick photos and add quick videos, edit comments and also track stats on your blog. You can download this app from Google Play and its installation file is quite small and weights only 1.4mb.

App #4: Network Discovery Download

Network Discovery is a useful tool that helps you draw a map of the various teams that are connected to our network since it gives us the ability to scan our Wi-Fi network to discover various connected devices and ports that are open. A useful helper to verify that there are no “teams intruders” in our network and,that our computers are not “at risk”. It works on Android 1.5 and up and on many devices as reported by many users on Google Play store.

App #5: uNagi Nagios client on android Download

Unagi Nagios client on android is an application that offers a Nagios client for Android devices, for example, we can check the status of our servers using this application and connect to the Nagios monitoring panel that we have deployed in our office or on our data center. There is also a possibility that in the event of system crash, Nagios can flood us with alarm emails, so we can quality react and fix the problem so our customers stay satisfied.

App #6: Total Commander + TotalCmd-FTP (File Transfer) Add-on Download

Yet another very useful app for web masters and web administrators which can help you to easily upload and download files, folders, documents directly on your web server. I am using Total Commander on my desktop computer for quite a long time now and just recently I found out about Total Commander for Android devices. Total Commander for Android itself is not very useful for this purpose but with add-on called TotalCmd-FTP (File Transfer) you get fully functional FTP client right inside your Android device. Remember that you need to install Total Commander first and then install FTP add-on.

App #7: Redmine Download

Redmine is an interesting application that offers a mobile client for Redmine, a popular tool for monitoring projects development (although it is also used in projects of various kinds) in which, in addition to the planning and execution of the project, we can report incidents with bugs or we even can manage project deliverables. While Redmine is a web application, we can work with this client in a much more comfortable way and we can access up to 10 servers (if for example we work for multiple clients).

App #8: Web Monitor Download

Web Monitor is a paid app (but free version has advertisements) that allows us to monitor our websites. The application periodically performs HTTP requests to web pages that we choose and counts the response time. It shows a response time chart, response time statistics and has an error log where you can see when and why requests to the server failed. These types of applications are interesting because if we are not connected to a VPN, we are monitoring our web pages externally, that is, from the point of view of the users.

App #9: ConnectBot Download

ConnectBot is another application that should be present in our mobile device if we act remotely on any of our servers. This application offers an SSH client with which we can connect, securely to our servers (Linux or Unix) and, in fact, we can establish multiple sessions in parallel. With these applications we can remotely access the server console and make a statement without having to go back to our office and make those changes from our personal computer.

App #10: TiNag Download

TiNag is another client for Nagios with which, moreover, we can integrate monitoring systems based on Icinga. The idea is that if we manage servers from multiple data centers, which in turn are monitored by various Nagios or Icinga instances, we can centralize all information under one control panel on your mobile device, in addition, we can see information’s from the home screen of your Android device using widgets. The application is not free but we can make an occasional test using the free demo version which is also available.

App #11: SysMonitor for SAP Download

SysMonitor for SAP is an application for system administrators based on SAP ERP (which is widely used in large corporations and multinationals). SAP is an ERP very powerful program that can process and, through this application, you can view the status and monitor system activity (connected users, devices that are using it, etc…) and to visualize error output of the application.

App #12: 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop Download

2X Client app for Android and System Administrators

2X Client RDP / Remote Desktop is a free application that offers the ability to connect remotely to a desktop. The application is pretty good, especially considering it is free, and offers the ability to view full screen desktop without penalizing much bandwidth consumed. This app supports Android 1.6 onwards, unlimited number of connection, SLL security, full keyboard, etc…

App #13: Go Daddy Mobile Download

Sys admin app for Android

If you are web developer or web administrator you certainly need a great tool which will help you manage or buy you domains and hosting packages. If you are already hosting your existing web sites on Go Daddy or planning to buy new one, with Go Daddy Mobile app this job become much easier because you ca easily:

  • Register over 50 different types of domain extensions
  • Manage your domain DNS, nameservers, contact information, and more
  • Access your Go Daddy Mail with our powerful new email client
  • Store, manage, share, and backup your online files with our online storage application, Online File Folder
  • Renew all your products and save time with our express checkout
  • Look-up WHOIS domain registration information
  • Upload/download your mail attachments from both your online storage and your phone’s photos/video
  • Purchase Hosting, SSL Certificates, Email, Shopping Cart, Web Builder, and more

App #14: IBM Mobile Systems Remote Download

IBM Mobile Systems Remote (IBM Remote) is an application that allows system administrators to monitor and manage IBM systems (currently BladeCenter) from the convenience of their mobile device. Machines can be added to a list kept on the mobile device simply by specifying the hostname of the management module along with the user credentials (userid and password). Once this information is entered, the app will connect to those systems and provide an intuitive, drill-down user interface used to monitor their health and configuration. The app can also be used to perform some management functions such as: Powering systems on/off, Clearing the event logs, Changing ownership of the KVM or Media Tray, Toggling the system locator lights.

There you go, if we missed some of System Administrator apps you use on your Android device make sure you suggest them in comment section below and we will include them inside this list.

about the author:

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