Linkedin App Updates – Arrival Of Notifications

The professional social network Linkedin recently updated its Android and iOS mobile applications. The biggest concern the new arrival notifications and pages companies.

Linkedin claims about 175 million subscribers worldwide. This social network allows users to build a network to its area of activity, but also increase a possibilities to find a job.

A free account allows each user to create his personal page, make contacts, post links and also join discussion groups related to their interests. Paid accounts offer, in addition to these main functions, additional features for finding jobs.

In 2011, approximately 10% of social network users were connecting using the mobile application. Today, that number rises to 23%. Linkedin has decided to update its application to complement its features.

Among the new features in the update, there is the appearance of the notifications. You’ll be notified in real time (if you want) when your contacts viewing your profile, share content or a person wants to add you to their network.

Another new features which make its appearance in the applicationĀ is companiesĀ pages. You can now view their current list of employees and job offers.

If you do not already have this application, you can download it from Play Store here.

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