7 iOS Applications Ideal for Community Managers

Few weeks ago we presented a most useful Android apps for system administrators. Now we don’t want to leave out the apple users, so we decided to put together a list of interesting applications for iOS which can be quite useful for community managers.

App #1: Paper Download

Again we emphasize the importance of creativity in our work as community managers. Sometimes we describe our ideas into words, but when we are working, for example, in creating a Facebook application along with the team, then it’s great to have a possibility to show visually what we have in our mind.

One of the most valuable tools for iPad that allows us to do just that is Paper. A sketchbook which allow us to draw with our fingers. Let’s make a model of a design in a few seconds and show a designer what you want. Not only we saved paper, but we can make changes at any time with the person with whom we are working with and get more satisfied results.

App #2: Reminders

This is one of the iOS native applications which we can use while traveling to the office. We could use Google Tasks as an alternative, but what’s good about Reminders is that’s already there, ready for us to use. Usually we are full of tasks, so it is worth putting together a list and then assign different priorities.

App #3: Keynote

Presentations are a fundamental aspect of Community Manager work. The iPad gives us a great presentation tool when we are in an informal meeting with a client, but we can also use our iPhone which is also comfortable. One option that’s ideal for that is Keynote, the application developed by Apple.

App #4: Pinterest Download

If we compare iOS Pinterest app with Android we can say that it is better utilized under iOS. Although this network is relatively new and many users still do not understand exactly how they can use it, for brands it can be a great way to create charts with interesting content and news. We can monitor everything that is happening on Pinterest through the iOS app, and share interesting things you find on the net.

App #5: Eventbrite Download

Eventbrite is a great way to organize events and also find them via the phone’s GPS. If we have to create meetups, Eventbrite is an ideal choice because you can do it on the go, right from your smartphone, without having to worry about anything. The management is very simple and just requires our intervention. There are few more services available that are very similar to Eventbrite and that can also be used.

App #6: WordPress Download

Another thing that can be adjusted to our job description is updating WordPress. Whether from an iPhone or a iPad, a way to do this is with the WordPress application. And it’s also a good way to relax doing a blog update from our smartphone. The application is very clean and easy to use, and we can create posts without problems.

App #7: Feedly Download

Last week we talked about the importance of keeping abreast of developments and to find interesting content when we are working on this. A good way to do it is through an RSS reader. Among all the options available on the Internet, one of the most interesting is Feedly, which helps us stay organized.

However, the differential value that has this application is its synchronization with social networks. So, if we find something interesting in our feed, we can share it directly on Twitter. It saves time and, if we are mobilized, also saves us to open and close applications, shorten URLs, and more. Very handy.

about the author:

Boris Zegarac is the Founder and Chief Editor of DeviceMondo. He is also web designer/developer and professional blogger. On his free time he likes to play PC games and own noobs. If you would like to reach him prove you are smart enough and assemble this email (nycboris at yahoo dot com).