Hackulous: iPhone Illegal App Store Permanently Closed

Hard times for pirates! After several closures related to Usenet, it is now the turn of Hackulous and other services that were closely related to close.

Hackulous App Store was a real black market, a catalog offering free and therefore illegal most of the paid apps from Apple catalog. While Cydia offers original creations that do not meet the strict rules of Apple but not necessarily violate the copyright, Hackulous in other hand embodied the dark side of the jailbreak.

The official website justified the closure by the stagnation of the community. But the epitaph is contradictory, since the team claimed both that the forum has become a ghost town and it is now difficult to moderate. Hackulous users were perhaps very talkative, but they should nevertheless be numerous, and each download entailed advertising revenue.


This suggests that the team behind Hackulous sold to legal pressures, and/or that its founder believes that widespread variants of free paid apps no longer justifies the existence of the service, or it is pessimistic about the latest jailbreak Apple devices and makes it clearly in advance.

In all cases, the application catalog Hackulous, the their application Installous which is used on iOS devices and the hosting service AppTrackr are out of service for a few hours. There are always other ways to illegally download and install paid apps, but they are much less known and more difficult to implement.

about the author:

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