Google Drive App Receives an Update on iOS and Android

Google announced an update to its mobile applications for its storage service Google Drive on Android and iOS devices.

While Microsoft announced that it expanded its programming interface, Google unveiled a new version of its mobile applications for Google Drive. Until now, the iOS device holders, could only see the documents about them synchronized with the ability to make them available offline. The mobile user will now be able to edit these documents or create new ones. For shared files it will also be aware of any changes made by others in real time.

The application for iOS available in version 1.1.0, also ensures the display of presentations with voice notes, full screen mode and support for multipoint to scroll through each slide. Anil Sabharwal, product manager at Google, says that the user will be able to create new folders, move or delete files or to upload pictures and videos directly from the camera to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

On Android, Google Drive to version there is an ability to leave comments on the documents shared with employees as well as new editing options for formatting text and tables. Google Cloud Print makes its appearance with the added ability to automate the synchronization of files on some 3G networks.

Subsequently, these applications offer to edit Google Spreadsheets worksheets.

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