Best iPhone apps for 2013

2012 saw a rapid increase in the number of smart phones and tablets in circulation across the world. With this increased number of smart phones and tablets in use has come a surge in the number of apps available. By far the most popular smart phone is the Apple Iphone which sold in excess of 125million handsets across the world in 2012.To match these sales figures Apple now has 800,000 apps available to their Iphone and Ipad users. With so many apps available to Iphone users it can sometimes be difficult for users to determine what the best apps are today. With 2013 rapidly approaching the halfway mark, we thought it was only fitting to share what we think are the best Iphone apps of 2013 so far.

Run 5k

With obesity at epidemic proportions across the western world we all need an encouragement to get out there and exercise, and what better way to do this through the help of Run 5k. Featured on recently this app gives users an 8-week programme for users to complete a 5k run. The app doesn’t just give users running guide, but also gives users a warm up, cool down and a daily report of what they have achieved.


“Spotify is killing it right now”, that is how Mark Zuckerberg recently described Spotify. For just under £10 a month you are given access to one of the world’s largest music libraries, and all of this is available through your Iphone. Spotify was only founded in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength in that time, the service now reportedly has over 20 million registered users. The beauty of Spotify is that it enables you to stream any song you want for free and add it to a series of lists that can be shared among the other 20 million Spotify users.


Hipstamatic could be accused of being the latest in a long line of Instagram wannabes, but unlike Instagram this app allows a lot more creative freedom and even allows users to buy add on effects. The app in its simplest form is an add-on for Iphone users to create analogue effects to their images. Founded in November 2010 this free app has registered over 1.4 million users and was famously used by New York Times photographer Damon Winter in 2010 to illustrate a front-page story about the Afghanistan war.


Flipboard is best described as a personal magazine that enables you to catch up on news that you want to hear. Simply drag and drop what news you feel is relevant to you and receive a constant feed of relevant news.

Golf Star

Golf Star is a golfing game created by product development consultancy Com2uS. The game is quoted as being the “The most realistic golf game of all time, right in your hands!” With a number of courses, 3D game play  and a series of different characters this game is hidden gem and best of all, it’s free. is the self declared number one dating site on the internet and claims to be the site with more dates and relationships than any other site. The app is pretty exciting too, allowing users to search for potential partners based upon a compatibility test and even locality to others in your area.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is without doubt the most talked about online game today. Candy Crush challenges players to 100 levels in a “delicious and addictive” puzzle adventure. Candy Crush is completely free to play but gives players some in-game features such as extra lives or moves that require payment. Be warned – Candy Crush can be very addictive, but so what, embrace your inner crush!

about the author:

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