Avoid spam on Android phone with Call Control

Surely we all have received “unwanted” calls, for example operators, banks, advertisers, etc… Many mobile devices allow us to put some brakes on spam using numbers blacklists, which is a very interesting feature that blocks unwanted calls. The range of options available to us is quite broad, but among all applications, Call Control deserves a spot on your Android device.

Call Control is a free application available in Google Play that allows us to put up barriers against phone spam, for example unwanted calls and messages. Specifically, this application is nourished by crowd-sourcing and contributions of other users of the service. Some users are sharing the numbers of spam sources and allow other users who have installed the application to apply it on their devices. Since a lot of users are using this services, the list of unwanted numbers can be quite big but also pretty useful for us.

What happens when blacklist number call us? The answer to this question is very simple, we can choose what we want to happen. We can configure the device to hang up after the call, we can redirect the call to your voice mail or make the device is set to mute sound.

In addition to the black list of numbers that provides the application, we can also add our own entries. We may also “protect contacts”, i.e. create a white list of numbers that are not going to be blocked. Another interesting detail is that we can block the “private numbers” (for a specific time period) all incoming calls (to isolate from the rest of the world) and backup our configuration settings to SD card located on the device.

Call Control is very interesting application that will help us protect from those unwanted phone calls while we are at home or at work.

about the author:

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