AppMover: Scan and Find Your iPhone Apps For Android

Find equivalent apps for your Android device by simply scanning the apps on your iPhone screen. AppMover can also recommend equivalent apps in the iPhone app store based on the Android apps on your phone.

If you are moving from iPhone to Android device, you’re probably wondering how to easily find the applications you previously used on your iPhone smartphone. Appmover lets you precisely find your favorite programs with a scan of the iPhone¬†home screen. The concept is great but the performance is unfortunately not that good.

The operation of the application is very simple. After Appmover open, click the option “Find Android Apps”. Then, scan the home screen of your iPhone. Appmover will automatically analyze the icons of apps and try to find their equivalent in the Play Store.

Move your iPhone apps to Android using appmoverStart scanning your iPhone apps with appmover in order to find those on Android device

Appmover find correspondences between the Market and the App Store and then allows you to download offered apps one by one.

The idea is great. But for now, Appmover is not very reliable. Based on dozen tests, the app had a success rate of about 40%. It recognizes applications mainly well known and widespread as Facebook, Skype or AroundMe.

It is also unfortunate that we can not save the list of applications to be able to recover after closing Appmover. In conclusion, the concept is very original, but this version is clearly not yet ready and requires much more work. If you wish to try this app by yourself you can download it from Google Play store at following link.

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