Android Home Screen Clock Widgets Recommendations

One of the major strengths of Android is its ability to customize every detail of its home screens, and that includes the ability to add countless applications icons and widgets. An important part of achieving a good home screen, is the use of visibly good and elegant clock. Here are some of clock widgets we have for your Android device.

Thanks to widgets, clocks on Android can be analog, digital, technological, figures, or any other way you imagine. Moreover, these widgets are often accompanied with reporters on the weather and other useful applications, so that in addition to the time you can access other important data.

In this articles we will present you a collection of few stylish and practical clocks who’s widgets you can use on your Android home screens.

Clock Widget #1: Beautiful Widgets Download

One of these widgets can be found in clock called Beautiful Widgets, a payment application that allows us to customize various options related to our phone and desktop widgets. What interests us here is the clock, which you can customize with 160 skins, so it wont be hard to find an elegant clock for your Android.

It also comes with very good integrated weather prediction and the widget is adaptable to all screen sizes. One of the best applications to customize the clock on our Android, but with the disadvantage of price.

Clock Widget #2: Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) Download

This is no question my favorite clock widget for Android. With this clock widget you can control every single detail of its design, from layout, fonts, skins, etc… and make thousands of combinations.

Ultimate custom widget is completely free however there is payed version which will allow you to get some high quality skins. It is also useful to mention that on official widget web site you can share the skins you have made and let others enjoy your work.

Clock Widget #3: SiMi Clock Download

SiMi Clock is a simple minimal Clock Widget. Available size 2×1 3×1,4×1 and 5×1 (Galaxy Tab). It includes “SiMi Battery Widget 1×1” and “SiMi Weather Widget 1×1”.

When it comes to its design you can easily change various things such as text size, text color, predefined time format, user defined time formats, background color, etc… For users who have a Taskmanager running please exclude SiMi Clock!

Clock Widget #4: Sense Analog Clock Download

Sense Analog Clock is digital clock widget for android with calendar, time, system info, weather & forecast, battery level… When you pull this widget on your home screen its size will be 4×2 and one of the things I really like is a huge number of available skins, 212 in total, so you will certainly find the one to match your home screen design. You can choose from 2 or 24 hour mode, portrait or landscape mode.

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