Android Applications For Photographers

This is not an article to talk about programs to make, edit or share photos from your Android phone, but a collection of programs that can be helpful for the photographer at their outputs. Geostationary photos from our camera, calculate the hyperfocal or depth of field, use the phone as a photometer or shoot remotely are some things that Android phone can help. All Android apps for photographers listed here are free, although some of them have paid version to remove ads and remove constraints.

Photo Tools Download

This list of Android apps for photographers we start with Photo Tools which is a sort of Swiss Army knife with a lot of utilities. Furthermore the author is very responsive to user suggestions and frequently adds new features that are making it even more complete. Perhaps many of the functions need to be polished, but it’s worth installing it and have it on hand. So we will see that we are practical functions. The app is free with advertising, but we can buy it for 1.50 € to get rid of them.

Some of the things that a photographer can do at the moment:

  • Calculator depth of field and hyperfocal.
  • Calculator by multiple exposures. To compensate properly if we take a picture from several shots.
  • Calculator viewing angle as the lens focal length and sensor size.
  • Gray card shows on the screen a 18% gray to use when calculating white balance of your camera.
  • Meter. Take a picture with a phone camera and using app EXIF data, check your exposure values.
  • Calculator reciprocity of exposure: to change the values so that the exposure is the same, according to the law of reciprocity.
  • Calculator minimum shutter speed to prevent camera shake, considering focal distance to the subject and whether.
PhotoTools app for AndroidPhotoTools app settingsPhotoTools app settings

Dof Calc Download

Dof Calc is a specific Android application for photographers used to calculate the depth of field. The apps is very easy to use and it have beautifully presented data. When you lunch the app we choose the model of our camera and then use wheels to select correct aperture, focal length and subject distance. The unit of the calculated results as well as the focus distance can individually can be selected to be m, cm, feet or inch and all last used settings are saved.

We can also geostationary photos from our Android smartphone although our camera does not have GPS. When we get to take pictures, store the route traveled with My Tracks, export it and then move the data to your photos using the program we use to reveal. In Lightroom we can use this plugin. There are also specific programs to insert this data into the EXIF of the images, as GeoSetter and some developers already have this possibility without installing plugins.


There are some Android apps for photographers that can to turn your smartphone into a photometer, which very useful for us with old cameras that photometer is not built-in. Some applications, such as Photographic Light Meter Beta or BeeCam Light Meter use mobile light sensor. Its advantage is that the operation is similar to a handheld exposure meter. The problem is that this sensor is designed to adjust the display brightness to ambient light (when we have the automatic brightness), therefore, in many models is not a very accurate sensor. With others apps, like Android Light Meter you can take a picture with the camera of your mobile phone, or select an already taken, and from the values with which this photo was taken, we can select an equivalent exposure.

Photographic Light MeterbeeCam Light Meter Android App for PhotographersAndroid Light Meter App

PhotoIRmote PhotoIRmote

If we want to turn our phone into an advanced remote control with intervalometer all we have to do is install PhotoIRmote. Next we connect our Android phone with our camera using microUSB cable as its explained on this website.

FlashLight Download

Another application that I have found very useful without being designed primarily for photography is FlashLight. It can help us to increase the light to an object we want to take pictures, but we can also change the color and intensity. Thanks to this Android app we can use the phone or tablet as emergency light source.

Sun Surveyor Lite Download

The landscape photographers have a great tool in Sun Surveyor Lite. This Android app will tell you a location of the sun every hour as it rises and sets.

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