The Truth About the Innovations of Apple – Infographic

Apple is beloved by many people around the world for its innovative products. From mobile telephones to personal computing devices, the company, which was led by Steve Jobs until his recent death, has been given credit for creating original breakthroughs in technology, but the truth is much more complicated. In fact, some of Apple’s best ideas came from pre existing innovations that the company bought, borrowed or stole.

Apple’s most successful product is the iPhone. This device has been hailed as the apex of technological achievement, but it would not exist without ideas developed by companies other than Apple. For example, the iPhone’s famous touchscreen technology was actually developed in the 1960s. Apple purchased multi touch technology from a completely different and independent company in 2005.

There are many examples of products and ideas that bear the Apple logo, but were innovated by other individuals or companies. Although Apple should be lauded for many of its products, people need to realize that credit for some ideas should go elsewhere.

Apple products infographic

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