Top 5 iOS 6 Disappointments

Ok so here is what is happening. The Apple Corp finally released the iPhone 5 and users finally got a full taste of iOS 6, something they had been dying to try for painstaking long months now. And as it is always the case, the prized and hungered after Operating System update was unable to live up to the hype that it stirred, created, and turned into a national longing.

Users had been given overreaching promises of a phone more secure from malware, a doing away and extinction of iPhone spyware, faster processing, and a whole world of updated and better apps and features. Undoubtedly, the phone does have some plus points (it’s bigger for one) but not enough to save it from the bashing disappointed fans are giving it. If you still can’t figure out what has everyone on the down low, here are the top 5 disappointments that are putting people off the iPhone camp.

1. Apple Maps.  Let’s face it, the whole jumbled and messy affair with Maps is not a disappointment it’s a dissatisfaction of the highest kind. Seeing as how the whole affair is arising from the mists of Apple makes it all the more tragic and explains the incense most users feel. What everyone is wondering is, if you were going to replace Google Maps then at least in its place should have been something better… not a virtual map that shows how earth would look if houses were built on water or just didn’t provide the right navigation information.

Apple Maps

2. Siri. Siri has always been a risk as it could be tapped into by cell phone spy software but at the same time it has always managed to keep users interested, this time around too since iPhone 5 brought about a lot of major improvements in their functions. The disappointing bit is that there is limited support for it. What is the point of being able to use your voice for full Siri functions when it’s just not available for those who upgraded from iPhone 4 or iPad 2?

Apple Siri

3. WiFi complaints. Now this one has pretty much everyone baffled. What on earth were the folks at Apple doing when they can’t even work out kinks in the WiFi connections. Many iPhone 5 users have been found complaining that the connections are slow and inconsistent. Now this is not the majority who is speaking but the complaints might be due to a glitch perhaps in some upgrades. Whatever the reason, it is disappointing to hear regarding a top notch smartphone company.

4. YouTube , Or lack of.  YouTube videos seem to make up most of our internet experiences nowadays. It is strange that the latest version of iPhone does not come with a YouTube app. Some Apple fans were actually surprised when finding no cool advanced way to watch YouTube videos on their iPhone. According to Apple, this is all simply because its ended its contract, and hence all ties, with Google. So now users must find alternative methods to get there rather then relying on an in built app.

Apple iOS devices with YouTube

5. Compatibility. Well since iOS 6 is the latest version its only natural to assume that it will have good compatibility and work with previous versions as well. Unfortunately, updating hasn’t proven smooth for bulk of users who have opted to upgrade to iOS 6 but did not purchase the iPhone 5. Some applications just don’t work the same and crash quite often which is all the more baffling since all Apple apps are not from any third party but from the App Store itself. If that doesn’t spell disappointment then not much else does.

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