Apple is testing a new gadget – Apple smart glasses for augmented reality

If the rumors are true, Apple will first integrate the technology of augmented reality in the camera of the iPhone, and in 2018 will present glasses with support for AR.

Apple fans were expecting a lot from the first smartwatch the company because it was the first completely new product developed after the death of Steve Jobs. However, high expectations were eventually turned into a mild disappointment because Apple Watch nobody delighted, and although his successor was presented recently in a much better condition, still it is not a gadget for which users will ‘go crazy’. According to the information technology media, in Kukovoj company is currently considering the development of another new gadgets – Apple smart glasses for augmented reality on which to show users the most relevant information from the iPhone.

It is a similar kind of glasses that Google introduced a few years ago and whose development they (temporarily) abandoned, commented on the website BGR. According to this information, smart glasses are currently in the initial stage of development and the company has so far ordered a small amount of screen that Apple will be tested over the coming months and will be based on test results to make a decision on the continuation of development or of canceling the project. Also, the Bloomberg warn that in next 1-2 years, chips, batteries and other components probably will not yet be small and powerful enough for incorporation in thin glasses.

Tim Cook so far has repeatedly spoken that augmented reality is truly interesting subject to them, which confirmed by taking a few companies that are developing this technology. Even in 2013 took over the PrimeSense, while in the last two years, took over the company Metaio and FlyBy Medic. About Apple’s plans in the field of augmented reality recently spoke to one of the most famous analyst who has been following Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, however he said that the company will in the next year or two present a device that will support augmented reality. At the Business Insider, based on the words of unnamed person “familiar with the situation” have confirmed Apple’s interest in this extended reality and say the first step Hook and the team will be the integration of this technology with the camera on the iPhone. Although the ultimate goal of Apple, and other companies such as Facebook, Snapchat and once the development of intelligent glasses with support for AR, the first step towards that goal will be the integration of this technology with smart phones and their cameras.

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