The new Apple headquarters: Professionalism or sick perfectionism?

Designers of the new Apple headquarters have devoted tremendous attention to every possible detail of the building, according to Reuters.

Construction of the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California began in 2011, and was to be officially opened in 2015. However, the opening ceremony is being shelved.

The reason for this is the extremely high standards of the company when it comes to details, insisting on an orderly schedule of electric wire to conceal pipes, according to Newser.

The company has specifically ordered that the curved glass surfaces must not be any reflection of pipes and vents, issued instructions wooden materials on page 30 and pointed out that the ceiling needs to look flawless even on areas that are not accessible to the human eye.

The company also spent 18 months trying to determine what is the most perfect form of a catch, a representative of the fire department says that 15 meetings were held only in connection with the fire signs (Apple wanted to design characters to comply with its own logo, while the fire department just wanted to put the signs that will actually help people get out of a burning building).

One of the architects who participated in the project said that Apple wanted to remain "consistent" with its design principles, even at the higher cost of construction.

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