New ads of the AirPods highlighting your magic

Recently Apple has released a set of new ads on the AirPods, the new wireless headphones of the company.

The main video lasts a minute and displays the matching with the iPhone and the ear with its internal sensor detection. In addition, dancer in the video performs a series of movements impossible whose only justification is the magic.

Two of the remaining videos highlight how easy that is to link the headphones with an iPhone and use of Siri being invoked from the AirPods.

And finally, the last of which shows a score in which the AirPods are the notes and are representing the song that appears on all previous videos, "Down" by Marian Hill.

We have been spending some time with the AirPods, and we are soon preparing their review, but I anticipate that in many respects this is how it feels when you use them, as if it were magic.

As a bonus, I also leave this video that also recently got launched by Apple where 3 athletes using Apple Watch creating the goal of filling:

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