Weekly Choices – Best iOS Apps For Week 2

Here is another week of our apps and games suggestions for iOS devices. This week, we offer the construction, management and puzzle games. Also try practical tools for learning to recognize individuals, and developed a musical ear.

Fat Birds Build a Bridge! HD – Free Download

Fat Birds Build a Bridge - iOS GameThe Fat Birds have gotten themselves into some serious trouble. At first, they utterly disregarded their flying lessons, and now the evil mastermind Mad Hamster managed to destroy their airship! How can you help the Fat Birds? You simply have to build some bridges, that are substantial enough to withstand the birds’ weight! This is the only means of overcoming all this hazardous wilderness together. The game features 60 unique levels, 5 separate worlds to traverse, realistic representation of the principles of physics involved in bridge construction and much more.

Déjà Vu – Free Download

Deja Vu iOS AppGive your memory a boost and recognize as quickly as possible the faces you have memorized. When meeting several people at the same time, do you manage to memorize each person’s face? A distinct smile, a frown or wide eyes – the best strategy to easily memorize a face is to identify unusual facial features for each person. With its setting that will make you feel like a private investigator, Déjà vu will stimulate your brain with no particular effort. Designed by experts in cognitive sciences, this game will enhance your memorization skills which are useful both privately and professionally.

Fright App – $0.99 Download

Fright iOS AppFrom the beginning to the end of using Fright App, you will have shivers through your body and to make your experience a lot more exciting (scary for you) we have added a reaction cam with the use of the front facing camera to capture every expression. Use to prank your family and friends and have a good laugh at their reaction while they’re jumping scared. Get the app and experience the thrill.

Jane’s Zoo HD – $4.99 Download

Jane's Zoo HD - iOS GameIn this game for iOS called Jane’s Zoo HD you need to help Jane to take care of wild animals and feed them in this time management game having already won millions of fans! Jane tries to save endangered animals and contribute to their development on three continents. You will travel to Africa, Asia and Europe to save the animals and give them shelter. After browsing dozens of amazing levels you will become a outstanding zookeeper. Find incredible bonuses, earn money which you will upgrade your zoo and offer a comfortable haven for your protection. Save the world from impending doom and enjoy the freedom of the wilderness!

GPuzzle HD – $0.99 Download

GPuzzle HD Game for iOSWith GPuzzle your gaming experience is the same or even better than the original table game, with real pieces. On the other hand, with GPuzzle you don´t have to hurry with the pieces, or the ones on the floor, or ending the game and realizing that your cat hid the final piece.

You can take GPuzzle everywhere and at night take it with you to bed and place a few more pieces until you are sleepy, knowing that you can put it away as soon as you want. Invite your friends and family to play with you and have a great time with this new and funny game, where you mentally workout and stimulate your senses.

Coloring Dinosaurs – Free Download

Coloring Dinosaurs iOS AppThis iOS game for children aged between 2 and 6. A total of 44 Dinosaurs to color: let your child’s creativity run free. Coloring Dinosaurs animals dinosaurs have appealing, rounded shapes; thanks to our exclusive ‘Smart Edges’ technology coloring edges without smudges really is child’s play! The first dinosaurs to color are free, later ones can be purchased as part of the game. With different difficulty levels, natural graphics and cheerful music, “Coloring Dinosaurs” offers your child hours and hours of fun learning.

ChordsQuizHd – $1.99 Download

ChordsQuizHd for iOSImprove your ear with ChordsQuiz! Recognize chords, played with a real guitar, not from synthesized sounds. Choose a category of chords and identify them within the given time. Unlock other families of chords by scoring 3 stars. Train yourself with the chords library, which gives the possibility to listen all chords freely. View your game statistics, such as the fastest response and try to improve yourself. The In-App purchase gives the possibility to enable 7th and 9th chords.

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