Satechi Unveils a Bluetooth 3.0 Remote Controler for Apple Products

A Bluetooth remote control for all! This is the promise of this new accessory freshly listed by brand Satechi, which is advertised as being compatible with all Apple devices equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 HID Class 2 connectivity.

Instead of focusing on IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, this remote controller is also advertised as compatible with other Apple products such as iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini in mind. It can be used to control some functions of compatible devices, including taking pictures or scrolling of music, but can also be used to scroll through presentations in a professional setting. Finally, the “Home” button on the remote can also turn on an iPhone 4S Siri. This remote controller is also compatible with other manufactures, although Satechi does not really give details about it.

This remote also has a range of 10 meters and a battery life of six months provided by coin-shaped batteries. It is priced at $40 on Satechi site.

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