How iPhone Refurbished Deals Help Consumers

Buying smart phones like the iPhone refurbished, or on an otherwise non-new basis can really make a difference in making the devices accessible or affordable to customers. A refurbished phone basically had something wrong with it, but is now fixed. Given the saturation of the market with one brand-new iPhone model after another, it has become natural for buyers to seek out alternative routes to get a good unit in their hands. Three basic ways to benefit from this trend are as follows:

Ask for an early upgrade. An iPhone refurbished may be acquired through contacting Apple about purchasing an upgraded model. These phones are often refurbished units that were given the improvements as part of the revamping prior to resale. Despite being more up to date in their feature set, these upgraded phones often cost much less than their new counterparts. Whatever your level of interest, you might even get the unit without a contract, or unlocked.

Find out if the refurbished device comes with a warranty. While one of the main reasons for buying a new model is the warranty that comes with the phone, many iPhone refurbished models may also have a policy that guarantees the parts for a year. The warranty may only be 90 days in most situations. But the shorter the warranty, the more likely it is the phone will be cheaper than refurbs with loads of features. [Read Also: IPhone new versus iPhone refurbished]

Inspect an iPhone refurbished model prior to completing the order to buy it. Although the model will function correctly, there might still be defects you don’t want to live with, such as scratches on the outer case. If that’s not to your taste, refuse that unit and hold out for one you can accept. If you do this carefully, you may approve of one that will look so good that your friends and family won’t even be able to tell it wasn’t ‘brand new.’

Following these guidelines, you can likely purchase an iPhone refurbished for anywhere between 40-75% of the normal purchase price. On average, the going price for a refurbished phone is $99. Join the sensible deals that savings that these types of models open-up. Check online classifieds– you can always try Craigslist, to find a fairly used iPhone without a contract for pretty cheap.

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