The next iPhone will be named X, will cost to $ 1,000 and will be worth every penny

Based on the rumors that are coming from California, on the 10th anniversary since first iPhone, Apple will present iPhone X, a device that will cost more than $1,000.

Apple is reportedly working on ultra-premium unit which is planned to be further away from the Android Market. (By comparison, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S8 cost less than $900).

In the past 10 years, Apple has managed to retain a large part of the smartphone market in the US, despite being unleashed only one phone per year.

However, will their decision to raise price to $1,000 for iPhone push some of their users away? If it is true that the iPhone X appear as such rumors say, maybe people will still be willing to give up that amount.

Introducing the five characteristics expected of a future iPhone:

Edge-to-Edge OLED display

The whole front of the unit should be covered with a display, which will give him a "monolithic appearance." It is possible that there will be no details on a completely black surface - no edge, no buttons, even a microphone.

The buttons are touch-sensitive

Language design remains a priority for Apple apparently, since it is expected that the new phone does not have physical buttons. The display will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a button for volume up and volume down, it will be invisible, and it is accessible with the help of special technology sensitive to the touch.

Sapphire crystal

The screen will be made of sapphire crystal, which is completely scratch resistant, is expected at the next Apple's phone.

Also, it is expected that Apple will use the 10nm technology in designing processors for the iPhone X.

Compared to the A10 processor, the next generation should have a better performance and "gentler" attitude towards the battery, which is something that most phone users wants.

Wireless charging

It is expected that Apple would start in step with the competition and equipment iPhone X with Wireless Charger, an option that Samsung had two years ago with its Samsung S6 device.

Because of that Apple will reportedly give up the aluminum frame and opt for steel. Chargers for iPhone X device will supposedly be manufactured by Chinese company Luxshare, which also works on radio inductive charging for the Apple Watch.

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