Top iPad 4 Accessories for Lawyers

The launch of the iPad allowed Apple to rush in a new age of mobile computing and left Apple’s competitors playing catch-up for a very long time. The first iPad was a sensational hit and subsequent generations of the tablet have been met with equal enthusiasm and snapped up with eagerness.

The new iPad 4 is tipped to be just as successful as its predecessors and it will not be surprising to find most iPad users upgrading to the latest model. The iPad has become a very handy tool in the legal world and lawyers will be looking forward to getting their hands on Apple’s latest offering. Here are the top iPad 4 accessories that every lawyer should consider investing in.

AirPrint Printer

AirPrint Wireless on iOS device

One of the best features about the iPad 4 is the ability to print documents without having to physically connect the tablet to a printer. Of course, to make use of this feature, you will need to get a printer with AirPrint capabilities. The printer can be setup on your Wi-Fi network and will take print orders from all iOS devices on the wireless network. There are a number of apps available for the iPad 4 that allow lawyers to draft up legal documents, such as non-disclosure agreements, which are required on short notice. Having an AirPrint printer on hand ensures that lawyers can quickly create new documents on their tablet and have them printed out, without having to wait to get to a computer. If you looking for quality printers here are some suggestions.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The iPad 4 has an excellent screen and can be equipped with some very good note-taking apps. Even though you can buy a stylus to take down notes, many lawyers still prefer typing up the notes using an old-fashioned keyboard. This is due to the fact that many lawyers are faster at taking down notes by typing or a situation where a client or fellow lawyer will be requiring copies of the all the notes made. The iPad 4 is easily compatible with most Bluetooth wireless keyboards available in the market. However, Apple’s very own Bluetooth keyboard remains the best choice; not only is it lightweight and aesthetically very pleasing, it is also guaranteed to work flawlessly with the iPad 4 and all the note-taking apps in the iTunes store. If you looking for quality iPad WiFi keyboards here are some suggestions.

Desktop Stand

Apple iPad Stand

The iPad 4 features a very popular processor and it would be a shame if you use it only for mobile computing. The desktop stand allows you to mount your iPad 4 and convert it into a touch-screen PC. Combine it with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and you have a proper scaled down version of an iMac workstation sitting on your desk. Buy quality iPad desktop stands.

Portable Battery

iPad portable battery

Any lawyer with an iPad 4 will be spending many hours on their devices every day. Most of these hours will include courtroom time, where finding an electrical outlet isn’t really an option. Save yourself the aggravation of a tablet that runs out of juice by investing in a good portable battery. These handy little things take up very little space, but can extend the battery life of your iPad 4 by many hours. Buy quality iPad portable battery.

Every lawyer that picks up the new iPad 4 should seriously consider investing in these gadgets to get the most out of their new tablet computer.

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