10 tips to know about the Apple iPad

Split the keyboard in two, search within a page, create folders, switching from one app to another… There is plenty of things you can do with your iPad but you didn’t knew they exist.

No need to rich for iPad manual. Apple has made sure that anyone, even a baby can play in one way or another with the tablet. However, there are some options that everyone does not know. DeviceMondo reveals you few of them.

1. Add apps in the bar at the bottom of screen

By default, the bar at the bottom of the screen has four applications, like the iPhone, but it is possible to add two more. Just long press on any application until all the elements begin to tremble and a cross appears in the corner of each item. At this point, you can delete and move all apps by dragging them at the bottom of screen. Just press it with your finger and move and hold the contact with the screen. Once you placed your icon at the bottom of your screen, press the physical round button to “freeze” everything again.

2. Comfortable reading on the Internet

The web pages have not always been designed to be read on tablet. On website which designs full of flash and graphics and numerous commercials, the text is too small, sometimes it is a pain to read on the iPad. However, there is a very simple function that takes the main text of a page and formats it for the iPad. It’s quite magical and simple: just click on the “reader” button in the Internet address.

3. Adjust the keyboard by dividing it into two

It is not always easy to type words on the iPad because you have to hold it with both hands. The solution is to display the keyboard split into two versions. To do this, when keyboard appears, do a long press on the button at the bottom right, which shows a keyboard support. Two options appear: Undock and Split. Tap on “Split” to see the keys in two separate areas and make typing easier.

4. Do a search in a page

In Safari, when a web page loads, it is apparently not possible to search inside this page. Yet, just tap on the “Google” above the keyboard and a new search field appears: “Find on this page”.

5. Create thematic folders

Too many applications? To simplify things, it is possible to create thematic folders. To do this, simply shake the applications by pressing one of them for a few seconds. Then, take a and move it over another. The iPad itself will create a folder and name it according to applications. You can change the name at any time.

6. Ending requests for Wi-Fi networks

In order to block iPad from asking you to join Wi-Fi network while you are on the move, just go to Settings, then the General tab and Wi-Fi At the bottom of the page, the option “Confirm access” is enabled by default, you must disable it. You will still be possible to join a Wi-Fi network, but if he recognizes any around you, you have to manually return to this page and choose the right network. The annoying pop-up window will not appear any more.

7. See all open applications

To close some of open applications which are working in the background and sometimes nibble autonomy of your iPad, simply quickly press twice on the round physical button at the bottom of the screen. A bar appears and displays all currently open apps. To close any of them, all you have to do is press one of them and hold for more than a second and then press the close sign.

8. Use emoticons in messages

We can now use these little yellow drawings or other characters in our messages. This was made possible by iOS 5. To enable emotions on your iPad, go to Settings then General and Keyboard tab. There, click on “International Keyboards” and add a keyboard. In the list, search for “Emoji Icons” and click it. Now in order to use emotions inside your messages when you are tying them from your iPad, tap on the logo of a planet just to the left of the space bar and locate the emotion you want to use.

9. Quickly switch between applications

Instead of using the round physical button to switch from one application to another, there is a move that allows you to navigate between all open apps. Simply put four fingers on the screen and drag on the screen, from left to right to switch from one to the other or from bottom to top to show the bar with all open applications. (You can disable this feature in Settings > General > Gestures for multitasking).

10. Make a screenshot

To take a screenshot of all that can be on iPad screen, simply press simultaneously the (black rectangular button on the top right corner of the iPad) power button and round physical button. The screen will flash. Keep in mind that you must press all buttons at the same time, because if you press a little too early on the round button, you can close the application for example. The taken screenshot is stored inside your photo library as a picture.

about the author:

Boris Zegarac is the Founder and Chief Editor of DeviceMondo. He is also web designer/developer and professional blogger. On his free time he likes to play PC games and own noobs. If you would like to reach him prove you are smart enough and assemble this email (nycboris at yahoo dot com).