Ipad Mini vs Ipad 2 – Choosing The Right One For You

A smaller iPad made it possible for the Cupertino and Tim Cook to take another step to ensure the safety of its tremendously successful line of Tablets. Before, when it came to 10 inch tablets – other companies couldn’t even hold a candle against the iPad series. But smaller and much more portable versions from Google and other companies made consumers see a change in the trend of tablet sale. People who didn’t want to spend much went the android way and avoided the apple offerings for their ‘over-priced’ nature.

Apple iPad Mini vs. iPad 2nd Generation

Apple went ahead and thwarted the 7-inch market too, Enter iPad mini.

Ipad mini entered the market on Nov 2, 2012. It revamped the whole concept of all the previous iPad offerings and made way for a whole new family inside the already successful line of products.

Ipad mini outshone all the other big brothers of the family for some time, taking its own time on the spot light. Other models available now on the ipad family are ‘iPad with Retina Display’, ‘The new iPad’, and the ‘iPad 2’. iPad 2 is the closest priced, being sold at 70$ more than what you cough up for the mini.

Being them both priced so competitively and the variety of the both devices takes the confused customer to a selection paranoia – Which and Why?

Most people simply choose the iPad mini over the 2nd gen iPad, simply because mini is a newer device than iPad mini. That may not be the case always with tech demanding people, though.

That’s Where The Comparison Comes In.

– iPad mini comes with a 7.9 inch screen, with a resolution of 1024 times; 768 (pixels) and a ppi depth of 163.

– iPad 2 comes with a 9.7 inch screen, with the same resolution as the iPad mini, it’s less sharper than iPad mini with a ppi of 132.

– iPad mini is slimmer and weighs less than iPad 2.

– iPad mini lasts over 10 hours while iPad 2 barely manages 8 hours.

– iPad mini ships with the Lightning connector, iPad 2 don’t.

– Though both comes with almost the same processing power on board, iPad mini performs better thanks to the smaller and better optimized display.

Comparison On A Personal Level

– iPad mini is for the frequent traveler – Smaller size, better portability. It also comes with a smaller charger than iPad 2. iPad 2 will suit more for home use.

– iPad mini got Siri, iPad 2 don’t. So if you are in need of the speaking assistant, iPad mini is for you. If you think it to be a gimmick, iPad 2 all the way.

– iPad mini comes with higher resolution cameras on front and both (compared with iPad 2).

– iPad mini is available at 16 gb, 32gb and 64gb. All iPad 2 offerings except the 16gb had been discontinued. So if you plan on getting better storage, iPad 2 will limit you.

So it’s all clear now. iPad mini out shone iPad 2 on almost everything except for the display size – for which iPad 2 is the winner. It’s not fair to outright dismiss iPad 2 when compared with the mini, which came out over 1 year after the rule of iPad 2 (Released in MARCH 2011).

So, whatever you decide – That’s all that matters. If you are in for the bigger display go for the iPad mini.

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