Apple this year is beginning to produce the iPhone in India

This year Apple begins to produce an iPhone in the State of Karnataka, in southern India, according to the Government of this country.

The Government welcomed the proposal of technological giant to begin production operations in India. Apple wants to take advantage of strong growth of the Indian middle class, given that sales in China is slowing down, according to the BBC..

The US giant has not confirmed such a move, but the Chief Executive of Apple Tim Cook said the company intends to invest significantly in India, where economic ascent provides good opportunity for growth.

Apple has a 2 per cent of the market of mobile phones in India and is located behind the rival company Samsung, which has a 23 per cent.

We have an agreement with Apple and expect to begin production by the end of April in Karnataki” “said the Minister of information technology and biotechnology of India Prijank m. Karge.

He added that the new facility would likely be use for production of iPhone for the domestic market. Experts say that local production will reduce the company’s costs and allow lower prices.

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