Major changes in iOS 7: Activation Lock

One of the new features that passed unnoticed among most Apple iOS users, but it will have a vital importance for many is iOS 7 Activation Lock. Its role is to provide extra security to our device, in order to minimize the damage after we lose our precious Apple device.

As many of you know, until now if we lose (or someone stole it) our device, we could use Find My iPhone to locate it, delete the content remotely (from another Apple device or any computer, entering the iCloud website) or send a message to the device, so that the person who found your device can contact you and return it back.

But Find My iPhone had a big problem: even if we blocked and deleted our device remotely, if you connect to iTunes and restore the device it becomes locked and can not be used as normal, so our only option at this case was to report the theft/loss and ask the phone company to block the IMEI. Thus, one who is in possession can not make calls or send SMS.

In iOS 7, however, Apple has managed to fix this problem: now, if we block our device from Find my iPhone, for reuse we only have to enter the Apple ID and password, and if you try to restore with iTunes it will be possible without entering such data.

As shown in the picture above, once we turn Lock Activation protection from Find my iPhone, a message appears on the lock screen which indicates to the person who found your phone that he should call you back to return the device.

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