Apple Abandons his Attacks Against the Galaxy S3 Mini

Apple has to make concessions in the legal battle that pitted him against his rival Samsung. After obtaining his rival non-commercialization of Galaxy S III mini on American soil, the American company has abandoned its prosecution of the latter device.

The Apple has withdrawn his claims against the Galaxy S III mini. This unit was included in a list of devices which are using their (Apple) patents without authorization. However, the recoil from the American giant is logical since Samsung has recently decided not to sell the Galaxy S III mini in United States.

This device will remain available in Europe but not on American soil. Apple accepts the transaction and decided to withdraw the lawsuit against Galaxy S III mini. By cons, no other device is not affected by this agreement between the two giants Apple and Samsung.

As a reminder, these two groups are engaged in a legal battle without thanks for the use of certain patents in their respective devices. Last August, Apple won a round on American soil in obtaining justice payment of 1.049 billion dollars in damages.

There are now Ericsson or LG which are attacking Apple and Samsung, because they claim that some of their patented technologies are used in smartphones or tablets developed by competition without authorization.

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