Acer’s New Android-powered ‘CloudMobile S500’ Smartphone

With just seven people working for the company, it started in 1976 as a distributor of electronic devices. The company later became a PC manufacturer and was renamed Acer. Today, Acer is one of the leading manufacturers of not only PCs, but also laptops and smartphones. Their latest release is the New Android-powered ‘CloudMobile S500‘.

With so many smartphones released and getting released this holiday season, it is not surprising to see Acer jump into the ‘holiday mood’ and introduce their next range. The phone is not altogether unfamiliar as it made a brief appearance at the MWC which took place last spring.

What is so different from the previous models manufactured by Acer? Well, the company has kept up with the on-going trends and has introduced a sleeker and leaner phone that is both design and feature conscious.

A full-featured smartphone

The phone has a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4+ processor and is backed by a 1GB RAM. The camera has 8 megapixels, which is a common scenario of all high-end phones we get today. It comes with a 720p display and is unlocked. The specifications of the phone are similar to that of HTC One S. In short, it joins the line of options for those who wish to buy feature-packed phones at a budget price. With so many phones in the market, does Acer stand apart or is it the same as the myriad phones available in the market? Read on to find out!

The design and hardware

It is a huge buying factor for many. When a phone doesn’t look or feel good, it loses its appeal to many. Acer has opted for a sharp-edge design for this model. It has a classy and simple look. As opposed to the sharp corners, it has curved sides and a matte back finish which is a contrast to the front glossy finish. Though the material used is plastic, the phone feels solid when you handle it. The quality is in-par with the quality of Samsung phones. The dotted matte finish not only adds character to the phone, but also makes it easier to hold. The metallic rind around the mike and top speaker sockets make the phone stand-apart from the other designs. The phone clearly stands apart and will not be mistaken for a different brand!

Acer CloudMobile S500 android smartphone view from all angles

The display is about 4.3 inches which is surprising considering the large screen sizes today’s mobiles have. However, Acer has worked on the size to fit the hands of the users. This makes the light-weight phone comfortable to hold. The company has used an HD720 IPS LCD which is something new to the market and has 1820×720 pixels. As a result, it is clear, bright and excellent to look at. The screen can be clearly seen from different angles and more importantly under broad daylight.

The backup

The phone may not be backed up by quad-core, but the dual-core is sufficient for those who don’t use the phone as a hard-core gaming device. The 1GB RAM and 8GB back-up is not a stand-out as these internal specifications have become common in a lot of phones. If you wish to slide in an SD, you have to open the back cover which also contains the SIM slot and the battery which is 1460mAh.

The battery life and overall performance

As I said before, the phone is not in-line with the quad-core processor phones. However, the phone comes with an adequate S4 Snapdragon which clocks a speed of up to 1.5 GHz. The phone is backed by an Android 4.0.4 processor which is enough for some casual gaming. The performance is smooth and you can jump between apps without any trouble. The battery life you get is about 6 hours approximately. You can get internet speeds between 4 Mbps and 5 Mbps in certain areas.

Overall, it is a decent phone for its range. It may not offer exciting features at places, but the specifications make it worth the price. For example, you may not get the screen quality offered by CloudMobile S500 in any other phone. However, the phone does face stiff competition as phones like Nexus are available for a lesser price. The brownie points for Acer are that they can offer Android sets worth every user’s time. It is just that they have to enhance their specifications to bring it to the high-end range.

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